Adroit Overseas

in Mexico operates as a licensed Mexican exporter company whose focus is to provide the world with high-quality agricultural products at its most competitive price. To fulfill our commitments, we take part of each part of the supply chain; from dealing with the producers prior to seeding, up until harvest. We process and bag our products, marking our brand “BRAVO” to the bags to maintain consistency of the quality of our exports.

One of our main products, but not LTD. to, is the Mexican garbanzo. It is well-recognized around the world for its quality; its color, smell, flavor, and its good cooking. The production of garbanzo in Mexico has always been oriented to the export market. Currently, the northwest region of Mexico has become the main producing and exporting area of white chickpea; and our most important markets rely on Turkey, Algeria, Spain, UAE; however, there are other players who increase to appreciate the quality of the Mexican chickpea such as Italia Brazil, Colombia, and others.

We are also able to source products such as corn, beans, safflower, and others. The key to our success is and it always has been to maintain and grow our trustworthiness and reliability with our customers and our suppliers. We focus on creating long-lasting and reliable relationships with our partners and always fulfill our commitments. If you do require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at and one of our team members will get back to you shortly.