Green Capital is a part of Adroit Overseas group created with a vision to support the farming community around the world by providing Short & Medium term loans to meet their financing needs. We realize how important it is to nurture and support the farmers who are the backbone of our agricultural industry. Most of the commodities that we trade-in are grown by the hard work and dedication of farmers, hence it is imperative for us that we create a support system that makes them stronger.

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Keeping this in mind, Green Capital has been working continuously to support the farmer by investing in them. Till date, many farmers have benefited from the soft strategic loans that we provide. We have already financed millions of dollars in the last few years and have the mandate to continuously support farmers wherever we have our presence. It is our determination to strengthen the farmers and play a vital role in their growth. If you wish to know more about working with us, kindly write us with your complete details and requirements to .